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So funny, current, and professional

“Mr Sam the Magic man has just entertained at my daughter’s 9th birthday party, and what an entertainer he was! So funny, current, and professional, he had the children (and adults) mesmerised for the whole 2 hours, they absolutely loved him! He includes so much into his act, and all of the parents were so impressed. I would most definitely hire Sam again, and would highly recommend to others.”

 Carly Barber, 11th October 2019

A great party and really nice chap

“My daughter Priya loved Sam The Magic Man, and so did all the other kids. Sam arrived on time, had all the kids under full control, and made it a very easy party for the parents. I was worried my daughter wouldn’t join in, but she did and she loved it. Thank u Sam, a great party and really nice chap. The kids loved u.”

Lisa Durrent, 10th August 2019

Splat Face Party for Older children!

  • Splat Face a Party for Older children
  • No Musical Bumps or Statues!
  • No Baby Games!!
  • 100% FOAM FUELED FUN!!!

So what happens when you book The SPLAT-FACE Party-Package?

  • Mr Sam will arrive in good time to set up and have music playing as your first guests arrive through the door.
  • He will be there to meet and greet the kids and say bye to the parents!
  • The children are then split into two teams yellow and blue
  • The teams battle against each other to win points and to SPLAT their chosen target!!
  • Games include the- Pancake Toss Challenge, Hankey Pankey Tissue game, Plate Spinning Race and many more!
  • Splat Face the gameshow lasts for aprox 50 mins
  • After a break for food its then time for Mr Sam’s Magic show


Make an enquiry

  • To book Mr. Sam all you need to do is fill in an enquiry form and Sam will get back to you with a quote. It is as simple as that.
  • Once a booking has been confirmed all you need to do is pay a small deposit via Paypal or bank transfer
  • The balance can be paid on the day.
  • You will receive a letter of confirmation via email with all the details.

Date of Party

Party Package

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